Project Description


Moravilla is a short film created by the animation studio Seashell Studio. This animation was created to compete in the EcoFilm Festival 2017. Therefore, we came up with a script and idea around the concept of recycling. First, we created the storyboard. Then, I proceeded with the music compositions for the short film. Due to the fast nature of the project and our limited time and crew, The music of the short film remained with sampled libraries used in the mockups. I added later on the SFX, I mixed the short film together. The short film has received multiple awards and nominations.


  • Seashell Studios


  • 1st place in animation – EcoFilm Festival 2017
  • 1st place in animation – Hazlo en Corto 2017
  • Official selection – Cefalu film festival 2017
  • Semi finalist – Stiff 2018
  • Official selection – Festival Internacional de imagem de naturaleza
  • Offcicial selection – Leon in Motion 2018
  • Official selection – Festival Internacional de cortometrajes El Heraldo